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  • Lyon MacIntyre has over 20 years experience in paper manufacturing. We can provide expert services to maintain and optimise all areas of the paper manufacturing process.
    Posted: Friday 30 April 2010
  • Lyon MacIntyre Ltd has joined the OSI PI System Integrators Program.

    OSIsoft System Integrators deliver support directly to OSIsoft customers, adding value by their integration expertise, software and consulting services.

    The PI System brings all operational data into a single system that can deliver it to users at all levels of the company - from the plant floor to the enterprise level.
    Posted: Monday 1 September 2008
  • Lyon MacIntyre Ltd. can now supply and support Expertune's PID Loop Tuner. This powerful and easy to use Tool means you can tune your loops in minutes.
    Posted: Sunday 31 August 2008
  • Lyon MacIntyre Ltd. is proud to offer full sales, installation and service support for Expertune's Plant Triage.

    PlantTriage is an enterprise-wide, performance monitoring, and diagnostic system. PlantTriage pinpoints opportunities where maximum economi
    Posted: Saturday 30 August 2008
  • Lyon MacIntyre Ltd can provide the expertise to supply, program and commission ABB' Compact Control systems for your plant. We handle a diverse range of applications including Pulp & Paper and Dairying.
    Posted: Friday 29 August 2008
  • The AC500 PLC range is the choice for small equipment control applications to complex systems like web presses and distributed systems. ABB's PLC's are some of the fastest and most reliable available.
    Posted: Wednesday 27 August 2008

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