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What Is PlantTriage?

PlantTriage is a plant-wide Performance Supervision System. It monitors your plant 24 hours a day, pinpointing opportunities for performance improvement.

Using your existing control system as a window to the process, PlantTriage monitors: PlantTriage makes sure your investment in capital keeps paying back.

  • Instrumentation
  • Controllers
  • Equipment

Results are tracked, trended, and ranked by economic importance. PlantTriage displays all of the information in easy-to-understand web-based graphics.

How Does PlantTriage Help My Plant?

PlantTriage discovers, and prioritizes, the most important opportunities to improve the process. Because PlantTriage is watching your entire plant, 24 hours a day, it can see many opportunities to: PlantTriage makes it easy to find the biggest opportunities.

  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    • Shift the Process Toward Optimum
    • Improve Process Stability
    • Reduce Unplanned Shutdowns
  • Reduce Capital Costs
    • Identify Process Constraints
    • Focus Maintenance Efforts on the Most Important Issues
    • Focus Improvement Spending


How Does PlantTriage Work?

PlantTriage® connects to your existing control system  and extracts information about process operations, equipment, and controls. PlantTriage then ranks this information for technical and economic importance.

With intuitive graphic displays and context sensiteve drill down you are led directly to performance improvement opportunities in your plant. With fully integrated diagnostic tools, you can find and resolve problems directly from your desktop.

PlantTriage identifies the areas in your plant where the greatest economic gains are possible. PlantTriage is designed to help you make the most impact in your plant. It pinpoints areas to work on that will yield the greatest economic return. PlantTriage pinpoints sub–optimal unit operations and loops. PlantTriage helps you diagnose, optimize and tune those loops

Bottom-Line Results

A typical installation of PlantTriage results in:                                                                   

  • Energy Savings can run from 0.5% to over 2% of annual energy spending.
  • 200% to 300% increase in the productivity of maintenance and engineering people, since they are hitting the loops that make the most difference. PlantTriage Biggest Payback Loops identifies areas to work on that yield the greatest economic return.
  • 5% increase in service factor (up time) of supervisory applications. APC or DMC for example.
  • Setpoints 3% to 5% closer to specifications because of reduced variation in the regulatory system.
  • 50% reduction in valve maintenance budget. Typical installation of PlantTriage results in total valve travel reduced by a factor of 5.
  • PlantTriage includes fully integrated PID Loop Optimization tools to diagnose, tune, linearize and decouple the problems found. These tools increase the effectiveness of maintenance and engineering personnel by a factor of 5 to 10. They can do the job quickly and systematically, optimizing the process with award–winning tools.
  • PlantTriage includes performance tracking to see how the health of the entire plant, unit operations, or loops has changed over time. This is the control aspect of Six Sigma. 

PlantTriage 7.0 – The Best Just Got Better!

With more power, improved graphics, and incredible drill-down capability, PlantTriage 6.0 helps to improve your plant faster than ever.

Reduce Energy Spending

Using PlantTriage's powerful graphics, you will quickly pinpoint energy savings opportunities. For example, Opportunity Gap helps to push the operation closer to its most profitable point of operation.

Increase Production Rate

What is keeping you from producing more? PlantTriage identifies the constraints in your process. Reduce scrap and waste, and open up the bottlenecks. With visualization tools like the Plant Performance TreeMap, you will be able to spot the bottlenecks at a glance.

Many people are surprised to find that they can increase production with just a few simple changes. Let PlantTriage show you which changes to make.

Improve Product Quality

Reduce variability, and you will improve quality. PlantTriage is built on the foundation of ExperTune's award-winning PID Loop Optimization tools. With 20 years of proven results, these tools have a direct and measurable impact on product quality.

Stabilize the Plant

When you start applying PlantTriage®, you will see the plant stabilize. There will be less variation, fewer alarms, less confusion, and more focus on the bottom line. This stability has results that are directly measurable in dollars and cents, and other results that are harder to quantify, like your peace of mind.

According to Furnace Operator Rowdy Boudreaux, "Things run a lot smoother. It makes my job a lot easier."

Focus Maintenance Efforts

According to one study, half of all maintenance work in process plants is not needed, and 10% is actually harmful. PlantTriage has the tools to focus your efforts on the right parts of the process. One refinery saved $75,000 in a shutdown, simply by focusing on the repair and replacement of the right control valves.

Optimise the Process

In the end, the real focus is optimizing the process. This includes the equipment, the operation, and the controls. Process Engineers can finally get an understanding of Process Interactions with Process Interaction Mapping.

Your competitors are using these tools. Shouldn't you?

Posted: Sat 30 Aug 2008


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