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Expertune PID Loop Tuner

ExperTune Wins Control Magazine's Readers' Choice Award for NINE YEARS Straight!

ExperTune, Winner of CONTROL Magazine's 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, and 1997 Readers' Choice Awards in the PID Tuning Software Category. Contact us for more information or to get a demo.

PID Loop Tuning as easy as

  1. Select the controller.
  2. Specify PID address.
  3. Select Autotune.

During AutoTune, answer the questions, and your loop is tuned. Tunes and analyzes loops from data collected in either manual or automatic. During AutoTune, you have total control of the tuning process. Get data for analysis and tuning from a setpoint change.

ExperTune Connects to ANY Controller

ExperTune Saves You Time and Increases Your Profitability

  • Optimizes your control loops.
  • Reduces tuning time from hours to minutes per loop.
  • Improves product quality.
  • Reduces waste and rework.
  • Saves energy.


Powerful, Instant Analysis Windows - See The Response Before You Download Tuning

Advanced Version
  • Simulation. See the process response off-line before you download tuning. Try "what if" - change a PID parameter and instantly see the new response compared to current tuning. Set point or upset response.
  • Modeling. Up to second order with dead time. From one chunk of data.
  • Robustness. Available only with ExperTune, this quickly shows the tradeoff between tuning and stability. Compares current to new.
  • Frequency response.

The analysis windows are completely automated, integrated and cohesive. Select a different model, change PID selection or enter your own PID values and ExperTune instantly updates all plots.

Improve Control by Reducing Hysteresis

ExperTune automatically analyzes loop data and reports on your valve condition.

Reduce the hysteresis found by ExperTune


And Lots More....


Posted: Sun 31 Aug 2008


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