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The PI System™ brings all operational data into a single system that can deliver it to users at all levels of the company - from the plant floor to the enterprise level. The PI System keeps business-critical data always online and available in a specialized time-series database by:

  • Gathering event-driven data, in real-time, from multiple sources across the plant and/or enterprise
  • Applying advanced analytical calculations and business rules to Contextualize and Analyze this data
  • Configuring smart and thin client tools to distribute and visualize knowledge/ information to display critical operational metrics and integrate the user experience across different roles within the enterprise.

The PI System functionality incorporates many features for analyzing, contextualizing, and visualizing real-time PI data, including:

  • RtPortal™ smart and thin client applications to display real-time PI data. Includes RtWebParts for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and RtPortal iViews for SAP® Enterprise Portal (part of the SAP NetWeaver™ platform).
  • ProcessBook is a graphics package that enables users to create dynamic, interactive graphical displays
  • DataLink establishes a direct connection between the PI System and Microsoft Excel to create and publish reports and perform complex data analysis
  • RtReports™ is a process reporting solution that enables the production of reports for both real-time and historical data, from internal and external sources, such as relational and web service data
  • RtAlerts creates and manages alerts in response to certain conditions within a process or plant
  • Sigmafine is a data reconciliation and validation package for rigorous, mathematical data reconciliation, to generate trustworthy information
  • MCN Health Monitor™ unifies and displays the real-time status of networks, devices, and applications to improve performance, reliability, and security


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Posted: Mon 01 Sep 2008


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