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Compact Products 800 is a range of products that can be used individually or combined to create cost effective control solutions to fulfill a wide range of customer needs.

Compact Products 800 are built with openness in mind and based on standards to make sure that they can be combined with other products on the automation market. Compact HMI 800, AC 800M controllers with Compact Control Builder, Panel 800, S800L I/O and S800 I/O can all play key roles in your customized control solutions.

The AC 800M controller can be configured with both Compact Control Builder and 800xA control builder.

The Compact Control Builder, is a powerful tool for creating control solutions and reusable control libraries for the AC 800M controller

ABB's I/O systems are comprehensive, distributed and modular. The I/O systems communicate with parent controllers over industry-standard field buses.

ABB's products for production operation includes both PC based HMI and panel based HMIs

Posted: Fri 29 Aug 2008


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